I have been working on my Library Document for almost five years. All my books are in here. I take notes on what I read and they go in here. I copy quotes from the books and cross reference them. The whole thing is alphabetical. What you see below is what I have on the letter “A” (One dirty rat bastard if you want my opinion).

Over the years, I have struggled to provide adequate context for this project. It was meant as a tool, but has taken on a life of it’s own. It has become a personal narrative and stone wall for me to beat my head against. Many of the “Quotes & Notes” posts here at superclassypublishing.com are gleaned from this process.

I find it beautiful as a list, regardless of what information might be extracted. If it doesn’t function as beautiful then it has no value at all in this context. Only having the letter “A” here inhibits the use value for obvious reasons.

I do not share this project often, but with the five-year anniversary only a few weeks away, I thought it might be a nice time to put it out there.  Look for a one volume super amazing edition of the Unabridged Library Document in the next few months right here on this blog. Not for sale. (Who would buys such a thing anyway?) I do it for the love after all! Click the thumbnails for a readable view. I would be delighted with any comments. Some odd moments recorded in there. Happy hunting!

posted by Andy